Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is the Enquiry System?
  2. The Enquiry System allows authors of articles submitted for publication to Astronomy & Astrophysics to get information on the status of their papers via the Web. This system is intended to provide authors with immediate information on their manuscripts and to greatly reduce the amount of time spent by the editorial staff to answer emails and phone calls from authors.

  3. How does the Enquiry System work?
  4. All authors are assigned an Author ID and all articles an Article Reference Number. Any enquiring author will be asked for these upon logging in the Enquiry System. Search through our database will return the complete history for the requested paper down to its current status.

  5. Who developed this system?
  6. The Enquiry System was developed by the Software Team at EDP Sciences. It is the property of EDP Sciences.

  7. I cannot access the Enquiry System private (protected) area.
  8. In order to have full access to all areas of the Enquiry System site, you need to use a SSL compliant browser such as Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape Navigator 6.0

  9. I successfully logged on to the Enquiry System but I cannot perform any searches.
  10. In some cases, the web server may be unable to consult the article database (a saving procedure is underway, the maximum number of concurrent users has been reached, etc.). Just try again a little later.

  11. I have recently submitted a paper electronically but I have not received any confirmation yet.
  12. Please send an e-mail to the Editorial Office, quoting your name, author ID, article reference number and date of submission.